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About Buske IT

Buske IT is a small IT business, located in Caracas, Venezuela. We offer our services globally and specialize in Web Development, Content Creation and IT Security, along with Software Development and Network and System Administration.

Design & Development

We are experts when it comes to design and development. We develop you website and design it. Either completely self-made or using CMS Software such as WordPress or Joomla.

Web Content & SEO

We know content. Be it the next content for your website, a new blog post or a new SEO-text for your new landing page. We draft content including images, videos, etc. In three languages.

Security & Support

We provide professional IT Security and Support Services, including audits, network- and system administration and much more. Our goal is the security of your business and its servers.

Personalized Service

We work with passion and dedication for our clients. We try to make the impossible possible. Do you have any special service or a particular need? Let us know and we work on a solution!

We... Know... Design!

In today's world design is important. Be it for a new website, for your next mobile app or for the next generation business software. Our creative experts help you design your website, mobile app or program. We even do creative work such as website content, blog posts or other types of publications, such as slide shows, MS Office, templates, and more!

Don't know where to start? Don't worry! Get in touch with us and have a talk with our team about your ideas. We do the rest!

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Designer at Work

Our Creative Team

The great souls who with their hard work and a lot of creativity run the company...

Ben Buske

Ben Buske

CEO & Founder, Development

Ben is founder and CEO of Buske IT. He is web designer, programmer and also content creator. He knows HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java and C / C++. He also works as a freelancer author.

Emily Reinoza

Emily Reinoza

Co-Founder, Marketing & Content

Emily is the Co-Founder of Buske IT. She is mainly responsible for marketing, social media and for the creation of creative content. She also works with pictures and photos, and in administration.

Milagros Reinoza

Milagros Reinoza

Management Assistant

Milagros is the management assistant of Buske IT. She does all the work and tasks she can, in order to help the management. She delivers mail, replies to emails and performs other tasks as needed.

Jonas Loerken

Jonas Loerken

Technical Advisor | Web Design

Jonas is an excellent web developer and technical advisor, who has been helping BUSKE IT on a frequent base with his skills and his knowledge regarding HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

Projects Done
Happy Clients

Our Clients and Projects

An overview of some of our clients and projects we are working on. Click the respective image for more information and a link to the respective website. Have been our client and wish to be added? No problem! Please contact us for more information and details.

We do professional Content Creation,
                Blog Posts and SEO for German Startup and E-Commerce Specialist Shopboostr. Feel free to visit https://www.shopboostr.de for more information.
Krypto Vergleich is a professional crypto agency,
                based in Germany. They offer services related to ICOs, IEOs and other crypto related topics. We do their translations of whitepapers and other documents, as well as
                professional Content Creation and Blog Posts according to current SEO standards. Feel free to visit https://www.krypto-vergleich.de for more information.
We do professional Content Creation,
                Blog Posts and extensive mega articles as well as product comparisons for German comparison specialist Digital Vergleich. Feel free to visit https://www.digital-vergleich.de
                for more information.
Marketing Factor is a German business
                specialized in marketing, product reviews, etc. We do their professional Content Creation, write creative and informative Blog Posts and do SEO for them.
                Feel free to visit https://www.marketing-faktor.de for more information.
Silva Technologies is a professional IT-Service-Provider,
                offering services such as hosting, installations, technical support, remote assistance, etc. for people in California and Nevada. Buske IT provides regular consulting regarding
                HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. and does in addition provide professional content for their website, along with other services. For more information please visit
                https://www.silvatech.net or use the contact button in the team section of our website to contact Paul Silva directly.
The Painter is a professional painter with more than
                30 years of experience, based in Reno, NV, in the USA. It is your partner for any kind of professional painting jobs. Buske IT has occassionally written content for their
                website and maintains close relations to the owner. For more information, please check https://www.thepainter.us.
We provide professional website content, blog posts and do webdesign using
                HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. For all our jobs, we keep search engine optimization as well as optimization for mobile devices in mind. After all, even the best website around is
                only as good as the attraction it can get. With other words: Even the best and prettiest website is useless, if it isn't found on the internet. Need help with your project?
                Have any questions? Please contact us for more information.
We provide professional support for all major operating systems
                such as Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. We provide consulting services, technical support and optimization, installation and update of said operating systems.
                In addition we provide security consulting and audits, help you secure your OS from attacks or recuparate it after hacking attempts. Please feel free to contact us for more

For more information about our work and some project sample, please check our Project Section.


Our Skills

We know Web Development inside out. From simple websites to professional pages. From web sites based on content management systems (CMS) to self coded pages, with a custom design and personalized function. Add to this the design and development of professional software. We speak HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, mySQL, C, C++, Python and Java!

In addition, we are experts in Linux as well as all other common operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS. We are experts when it comes to system-, and server administration or security.

Lastly, we are skilled in the creation of web content and search engine optimization. We know how to create logos, images and videos and we know how to translate or rewrite content. Buske IT does provide you all important services out of one single hand.

Tasks we do not know ourselves, we provide through our network of certified and qualified partners. Buske IT is your IT specialist for all needs.

Individual & Personalized Services


Translations, SEO & Content Creation


Web & Software Development


Logos, Photos & Videos


IT Security & Audits


System- & Server Administration, Webhosting



The IT business is very diverse. There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of facts to keep in mind. In addition, there are the individual needs of our customers. That said, no two websites are ever the same and no two installations will ever happen in the exact same way. It is for that reason, that we prefer not to set up a set of pre-defined prices for our services. We feel that would neither be fair for you, nor for us. Instead, we prefer you talk to you, listen to your needs and come up with an individual, fair price for our services.

If you have any questions or need a quote, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you and happily discuss your issue personally. This allows us to get a better understand of your business and as such we will be able to provide you with a fair quote, in the best interest for both of us. You find all our details in the Contact Section below.


Do you have any questions? Need a quote? No problem! Let's get in touch. Send us a message:

Location: Caracas, DC, Venezuela

Phone: +58 (0)412-2610 516 | +58 (0)424-1583 870

Email: info@buske-it.com | info@buske-it.com.ve (For Spanish!)