We are a Venezuelan business, specialized in IT and computation. First established in 2014 as a partnership called B&M Servicios TI, we have started working with several clients from Venezuela as well as from other countries, such as Brazil. In 2016, when one of the partners left, the name has been changes to Buske IT, not only representing the sole owner of the business, but also giving the name a more neutral connotation, when it comes to foreign customers and international business. 

Ever since we have started to get into business, it was our goal, to provide a highly specialized and well qualified service to our clients. Mainly working with business customers, we have made it our goal, to offer a wide variety of services, together with high responsibility. It is for that reason, that with Buske IT, we have no flatrate pricing. Instead we are carefully listening to our clients needs and their desires, before we come up with a personal and individual draft. In addition, when working with our clients, we put a strong emphasis in working with the client. We see our job not only as being a service provider but also a consultant. Hence we try to explain and offer a wide variety of opportunities, always keeping the clients interests and needs in mind. When doing this, we work with you, to find out, what works best for you and not best for us. If there is free or cheaper software or an easier way to do things, we have no issues offering you such a solution. At the end, we strive to have happy customers, not to make the most money possible.

Buske IT is actually run by Benjamín Buske, a Venezuelan IT professional, who has been working with computers for more than 15 years. Ben believes firmly in his methods and moral of work, which is why he still does a lot of things and jobs on his own, no matter how small or "low" they might appear. Still, he is supported by a small but dedicated of support staff, as well as by two partners, located in the US and in Argentina. 

Because of its location in Venezuela, Buske IT is able to provide services to foreign clients at an extremely affordable rate, if those services are paid in US-Dollar. Even though our location restricts offering some of our services (obviously, we cannot send you a tech into another country), we try all we can, to offer you as many services as possible and to advice or recommend further steps to you. 

If you choose Buske IT, we guarantee you excellent, individual service, high quality products and a friendly and beneficial provider-client relation. If you are - at any time - unhappy or have any issues, we always expect our clients to let us know right away, so that we can work it out together, before the problems become serious.